Linker Learning Center for Dogs

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Here at Linker Learning Cetnre for Dogs there are many unique training approaches that help to fit every individual lifestyle and preference. Whether you wish to participate directly in your dog's training with our Group Classes, take it easy in our 1 on 1 Private Lessons, or send your dog to "doggy boot-camp" in our Private Train program; we have all options to meet your needs. Prices vary accordingly so feel free to give us a call!

Group Classes: Our classes allow up to eight dogs and fill up fast! Over a course of six weeks, your dogs will learn all of their basic obedience commands with the perks of accomplishing these despite distractions. 

Private Lessons: In three 1 on 1 sessions with us, over the span of three weeks, all basic obedience commands are taught. We will train your dog for you and then bring you onto the training mats to teach you the method and how to continue practicing and learning!

Private Train: Send your troubled pooch with us for three weeks where we train them completely and send home the perfect dog for you! This method allows us to add in any additional training for specific problems you are having with your little family member. We can start a puppy as young as 10 weeks; although, we normally start at 12 weeks. In just 3 weeks your puppy can go home with the maturity of a two year old dog and the same adorable puppy personality you sent them with.