Linker Learning Center for Dogs

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Sherry Linker

     Sherry Linker was born with a special gift: She understands how dogs think, and it is not the way people think! She has created her own unique “no control” dog training method that teaches dogs in their own language! The dogs learn surprisingly fast and most important, this method changes the dog's desires. This allows the dogs to make their own choices and bypasses the usual unnecessary power struggle of other training methods. The dogs love training (they think it is a fun game) and work for love and praise. No treats, clickers or other gimmicks. Sherry never says anything negative to a dog except for aggression or extreme dominance. Also, her method does not repress the dog’s natural personality. She teaches the dog how to control its sometimes over exuberant personality while not losing the fun spirit of the dog.

     Sherry says that she vaguely remembers at the age of 7 taking her poodle Bovier out to the street and asking him to heel. She believes that she must have seen something on TV and was attempting to utilize it. Her first dog as an adult was and Afghan Hound. She went to her first obedience class in Des Moines, Iowa where she trained under a top trainer. She went on to get her first AKC obedience title on her Afghan in 1978. Her next dog was a Golden Retriever named Shanna. With this dog she decided to prove that you did not have to wait until a dog was six months old to start training, which was the common perception back then. The day that Shanna entered her first AKC obedience show she turned 6 months old. She went into the ring with this amazing Golden and not only got her first leg towards her title but also received a 4th place ribbon while competing against 26 other dogs. 

     Shanna went on to receive her Utility dog title with many placements along the way. Sherry fell in love with Golden Retrievers and decided to purchase a Golden with a top pedigree. So, she researched all the kennels around the United States and decided to purchase her next show dog from Connie Gerstner of Malagold Kennels in Wisconsin. His AKC registered name was Malagold’s Constant Charmer. Back in that day it was not believed that a conformation show dog could also be an obedience dog. Sherry went on to prove that this was not true. Even today many breeders will never teach their dogs to sit if it is going to be shown in the Conformation ring. Sherry went on to get Charmer’s Breed Championship, 3 obedience titles (with many placements) while competing in both Breed and Obedience on the same day. Charmer was also introduced to hunting and received an AKC Working Certificate retrieving birds. Charmer became a noted Stud dog and produced many puppies. His final titled name was Am/Can Champion Malagold’s Constant Charmer UD, WC. Sherry decided to purchase her 1st female Golden, which she bought from Daystar Kennels in Atlanta Georgia. Daystar’s Hopeless Flirt became her foundation bitch. Charmer and Flirt were the start of Driftwood Golden Retrievers. Sherry went on to Champion many of the dogs that she produced while always active in the obedience ring. Her next special dog was Champion Driftwood’s Unsolved Mystery C.D. whom was called Clue. Shortly after getting his Championship and his first obedience title, he died of bloat. Clue had produced many puppies so his legacy is being carried on. Sherry also bred numerous Champion Chesapeake Bay Retrievers although her favorite breed was still the Golden Retrievers.