Linker Learning Center for Dogs

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Congratulations to Dakota/St. Schnauzer, Diane Fortik/Mommy, and Sherry Linker/Trainer and handler. Dakota finished his championship with 22 points, 5 majors, Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Breed over two Champions. Congratulations to Diane for getting her nerve up to take Dakota into the show ring. she succeeded in getting one of his majors and starting out his Championship by putting 2 points towards his Grand Championship!

SUSAN AND OTIS "I've worked with other training facilities and Linker is by far the best. Sherry's method is such a positive experience for my dog--he loves to go to class and learn! Using this method really does set him up for success. Thanks Sherry!"

SHERI AND JOURNEY "My dog was transformed while at Linker Learning Center. They taught her with positive reinforcement, not treats. Because of this, she decides to obey a command, such as wait, come, sit, down, go to bed, and leave it. It is not forced. I enjoy walking in the neighborhood with her on a loose leash, which she also learned at school!"

FUN TRAINING SAMPSON THE BULLDOG "OMG! This bulldog is an assclown! I'm gonna pee my pants. Rofl (Rolling on floor laughing) Downs: he throws himself down like he's been shot in the head. Looks like a dog rug!!! Then go to bed: 1/2 humping 1/2 mauling the bed. I'm trying not to laugh at him ! I say go to Bed and he runs, attack/humps the bed. I say down, he flops down and looks like a kid caught with his hands down his pants! I say "Free" and he gives the bed another quickie before he runs over to me OMG!" -Assistant trainer Nan

ANGEL KIRSCHMAN AND WINSTON  Sherry transformed our coon hound from a bossy controlling bark-a-holic to a wonderful family pet. I would highly recommend Linker Learning Centre to anyone that wants their dog to love being your family pet. She was amazing!!!


Karlie and I thank you Alex and Sherry at Linker Learning Centre for Dogs for creating the complete canine package. Beauty and brains! Skye looks amazing after her spa treatment today! Thank you for all you do!

HEATHER AND DOMINO "We are very pleased with our lessons and what Domino and I have learned together!"

KATHY AND DRIFTWOOD'S HUCK'S ALIBI  "Our dog Huck was Clue's brother. Sherry trained him as a puppy. He came to us at 14 weeks with more self control that many dogs have by age 4. He was a therapy dog, and earned agility titles and obedience points. We miss him every day. He was a very special soul. Thank you Sherry for bringing Huck into our lives."

DANA AND RYLIE Our one year old Golden Retriever/Lab/German Short-hair is one lovable, crazy, and a little over rambunctious girl! After telling Sherry about Rylie's bad habits, for example: jumping on guests, leaving her crate like a bat out of Hell, and throwing herself on our guests on the couch, Sherry corrected Rylie's behavior in just 20 minutes. She let my husband and I know that she is not misbehaving at all, but mis-communicating with us! By teaching us positive reinforcement, Rylie's actions and behaviors were polite and even made her look happy! My husband and I are now able to enjoy her and play with her in just a matter of one quick session with Sherry. I highly recommend sherry and her lessons for you and your pooch, you will not regret it!

LAUREN NICK AND JESSIE After many, many days of jumping, aggression, not listening, or even paying attention when her name is called, we turned to what hopefully would be the end of all of that.  Linker Learning Center has completely transformed our dog.  In just the few weeks Jessie was at Linker, she learned go to bed, stay with me, let’s go for a walk, looks at you when called, and to stay down.  Linker’s positive reinforcement, “good girl”, over negative reinforcement, “bad girl”, is the key to their success.  If you have any doubts, call Linker Learning Center and see for yourself!  You will not be disappointed!

Thanks again!

PS) She’s a spoiled brat!